Gazi Medical Journal 2001, 12; 1-4


Erol EROĞLU¹, Canan AĞALAR², Çağrı ERGİN², Koray Okur¹, Fatih AĞALAR¹

Suleyman Demirel University, School of Medicine Departments of ¹Surgery and ²Microbiology, Isparta, Turkey

Purpose: The effect of G-CSF on bacterial translocation in an experimental endotoxemia model with LPS O55:B5 (Escherichia coli lipopolysacharide) was evaluated.

Methods: 68 adult male mice were used in the study. Seventeen mice were allocated to each group. The first group received 1 ml of physiologic saline intraperitoneally (ip). In group II G-CSF (50 ug/kg) was given ip, in group III LPS O55:B5 (20 mg/kg) was given ip, and in group IV, 24 hours following the G-CSF application. 20 ug/kg of endotoxin was applied ip. Twentyfour hours later, midline laparotomy was performed under aseptic conditions and blood samples were collected by sterile cardiac puncture. Mesenteric lymph nodes, spleen and liver specimens were also removed and homogenised. Homogenates were placed on AEMB and blood agar. After 24 and 48 h of aerobic incubation the plates wee examined and bacteria identified using standart microbiological techniques.

Results: Leukocyte count of group II, III and IV were significantly higher than that of the control group. (p<0.05 for all comprasionas). In group IV, this was so also significantlyhigher than the other groups (p<0.05). No colohy forming bacteria could be isolated from any of the samples obtained from animals in the control and G-CSF applied groups, which suggested the absence of bacterial translocation in these mice. In the endotoxemia groups bacteria (E.coli) were isolated from the blood and tissue specimens in 8 animals. In group IV (endotoxin+G-CSF), there were colony forming bacteria (E.coli) in 5 animals, but this finding was limited to the mesenteric lymph nodes

Conclusion: LPS O55:B5 endotoxemia causes translocation of E.coli from gut, and although G-CSF could not prevent the bacterial translocation, it prevented the systemic expansion of bacteria and limited the spread of bacteria in the MNLs